Lavender water from Lavandula vera

Lavender water from Lavandula vera specifications

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The Natural Lavender water calms the mind in anxiety and fatigue, improves work energy. The compelling aroma of the Lavender leaves the feeling of energy bust. Wonderful, calming, relaxing natural tonic with beneficial moisturizing effect for normal to oily skin. It gives the facial skin fresh appearance and leaves velvety feeling of softness. Maintains the pH balance of hair, and makes it soft and shiny. Obtained through steam distillation of fresh flowering inflorescences of Lavandula Augustofolia – Bulgarian Lavandula vera.

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Bulgarian Lavender water (Lavandula vera). The Lavender water is steam distilled from fresh blosoming sprays of Bulgarian Lavender during the month of July of each year. It is a completely natural product for skin and hair application. Transparent liquid, colorless; specific aroma; Essential oil content ≤0.03%; Ethyl alcohol content 3.56; Relative density 20ºC 0.9925; pH 4.18; microbiological purity - corresponds to standard.

Lavender water specifications


Botanical name: Lavandula vera
Part of plant used: Blossoming sprays
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Cultivated herb: Yes
Natural herb: Yes
Gathered herb: Yes
Organic certification - certifying body Not certified
Fumigants used: N/A
Method of manufacture: Steam distillation
Material safety data sheets: Available upon request
Method of analysis Gas-chromatography
Known formulation incompatibilities: N/A
Must be homogenous blend: Yes
Seasonal harvesting: During July and August
Certificate of analysis: Yes
Chemical definition: Distillation mixture of water and essential Lavender oil containing linalool, linalylacetate and others
Synonyms: None
Appearance: Transparent or opalescent liquid
Storage: Keep in well-sealed containers at to 5 – 20ºC, without direct exposure to sunshine or heat sources
Appearance: Transparent or opalescent liquid
Color: Colorless
Aroma: Of lavender
Content of essential oil: Not less than 0.030%
Identity: Of linalool, lynalylacetate -  by Gas-chromatography
Physicochemical indices:  
Relative gravity at 20ºC: 0.9890 - 0.9980
pH (direct): 4.00 - 8.00
Percent of ethanol: 0.00 - 4.00
Total viable aerobic count: Not more than 1000 CFU/g
Fungi: Not more than 100 CFU/g
Staphylococcus aureus: Not detected
Reported uses: Natural Lavender water is a product used in perfumery and cosmetics industries.

The flower waters distilled by the Bulgarian Rose Co. are not Hydrosols or Hydrolats, nor are Byproducts from essential oil distillation. The Flower waters produced by Bulgarian Rose Co. are steam distilled from fresh plant material during the collection season of the plants, Strict technical specifications prescribed by the Bulgarian State Standard are basis for technological distillation.

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