Finest Lavender Materials!

Lavender essential oil, flower water, absolute and concrete.
from Lavandula Augustofolia Vera - Not Lavandin.

Lavender materials wholesale, bulk and retail from Bulgarian Lavandula Vera. Lavender water is another fine material we offer. The essential oil and water are available as conventional as well as organic materials Ceres, USDA and JAS certifications. Lavender absolute and concrete are extracted for cosmetic and aromatic applications. Our aromatics are recognized to be the ultimate quality and in a class of their own. We distill and extract from Bulgarian Lavandula Augustofolia Vera (Not Lavandin) especially rich in biologically active compounds.

Advanced contracts for Essential oil - organic and conventional; Flower water - organic, conventional, BioCell: Lavender dried herb by freeze-drying. Contact us for the best price. Even give us your buying price.

  • Lavender essential oil is steam distilled, also called hydro distilled from fresh Lavandula Vera in May and June of every year.
  • Lavender water hydro distilled for skin and hair care, as well as ingredient in cosmetics.
  • Lavender absolute is solvent extraction from Lavandula Vera through evaporation and purification of lavender concrete. Solvent extraction is a different method from distillation for achieving different aromatic compounds.
  • Lavender concrete obtained through solvent extraction. Used in cosmetics and for obtaining absolute.

Preorders of materials before distillations

Lavender flower water (Lavandula vera) conventional advanced deposit per 200 kg # 11517

Lavender flower water (Lavandula vera) organic advanced deposit per 200 kg # 12217

Lavender flower water (Lavandula vera) BioCell advanced deposit per 500 kg # 12317

Lavender essential oil (Lavandula vera) organic advanced deposit per 1 kg # 12617

Lavender essential oil (Lavandula vera) conventional advanced deposit per 1 kg # 12517

Lavender dried herb (Lavandula vera) advanced order deposit per 10 kg # 12417

A service of Biogenic Stimulants, Inc. in association with Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc.

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